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   We are here not only to resolve the issues of connectivity, but with all the single point solution for your residential as well as business path. You have better understood that there is nothing about prosperity without focusing on the advanced technology. Besides high-speed internet for home and business, we are about to provide a compact Wi-Fi solution that will weave your empire with wireless connectivity. If you are worried about the slow movement of your business using traditional networking or an inefficient business planning, Balaji Digicom will be the single point solution. It will be better to feel the change. Just go through our service variations and know more about our efforts.

   Our high-speed business packages will bring more prosperity and business. How you will proceed without first connectivity. Our expertise will be the key tone of success. Just have a look at the packages.

♦ First surfing and unlimited download facility

♦ Better wireless connection

♦ Complete Wi-Fi packages and hotspot

♦ 24X7 live and local tech support

   If you are tired of your existing Internet bandwidth, this is the time to think about something better. The featured packages have been specially structured for leading as well as small business firms, banks, hospitals along with all the emerging sectors that need a first connectivity.

   If you are worried about unreliable or unlicensed Internet connection, Balaji Digicom will bring the solution. You will retain your confidence and new strategies signing up with us. The only necessity is your previous connection record and we will fix the issue providing a package suitable to you.

   The world is proceeding fast why a residential will be left behind. Our diverse packages have not excluded the residential users. Nowadays it may be a pizza or paying of your electricity bill, online connectivity is the single point solution.

   We have brought some exceptional packages that will assure a better experience of surfing along with limitless downloading. Just check the trendy packages.

♦ Hi speed broad band

♦ Compact wireless solution

♦ Make your home a Wi-Fi zone

♦ 24X7 local tech support

   Fiber to the home (FTTH), also known as"fiber to the premises" (FTTP), is the installation and utilization of optical fiber from a centralized location to your place such as residences, apartments and businesses to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access. FTTH drastically improves the connection speed available to computer users compared with other technologies. It also opens up different other sources of entertainment.

   The time has gone when you had to move around with your laptop with the cable. Yes, this the era of Wi-Fi. Now there is only the need of a switch and you can move around your home without the headache of the cable. You are always connected through web. The only thing is that you have to decide your range of accessibility.

   Our diverse packages of Wi-Fi solution will help you find a new diversion of connectivity. Our featured service includes:-

♦ Smarter and faster service

♦ No glance of interruption

♦ Wi-Fi Standards 802.11/b/g/n

♦ Link speed 10, 25, 50 Mbps

♦ Better web interface

♦ IPv4 and IPv6 suitable network

♦ Corporate industry: - Wi-Fi solution for small scale industries as well as the big ones.

♦ Hospitality sector: - A compact connectivity hotels, clubs, restaurants, clubs, bars and coffee shops.

♦ Transport industry: - Better connectivity in trains, metros, air stations, planes and long routed road vehicles.

♦ Health care: - More confident surfing in nursing homes, hospitals and other health care institutes.

♦ Education: - Educational links in school, colleges and other training institutes for better learning.

♦ Major junctions : - Wi-Fi solutions for railway junctions, airports and marine points.

♦ Individual points: - Better packages for government organizations and townships, malls and other departmental stores.

   Along with such services we are about to add the most desiring support for the industry and that is better networking solutions. The featured services will include managed IT assistance, better infrastructure, cloud services, application development and CIO management. ( Coming Soon )

   This is the new age TV with bundle of add on features like unlimited content, access to You Tube, Netflix etc., better quality, recording, VOD and lots more.

♦ Implementation and maintenance of Telecom Projects,

♦ Tools, Software, Sales support, Call Center, Data Analysis and Strategy Building for your business, Regular Data update from field team etc. Our Business Support Team will simplify your business process with the help of latest technology so that you can manage your business easily from a central location without any tension,

♦ Business Consultation: - If you want to start your own business at your location, contact us. Our expert team will guide you.

♦ Office Wire line Voice (E1 DID)/ Intercom Service / Enterprise PBX,

♦ Toll Free Services and Numbers,

♦ MPLS VPN--Cost Effective, Secure Inter Office Connectivity,

♦ Location Tracker—Track your employees sitting at your home, which sale points/hubs they have visited,

♦ Vehicle tracker-Track your vehicle anytime from anywhere,

♦ M2M communication --Meter Reading, Security Solutions,

♦ Education, Healthcare,

♦ Bulk SMS and E-mail service etc.

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